About us

We are Ettea Solutions and we provide exceptional information technology (IT) services

10+ years of experience

ETTEA Solutions were founded in Prague in 2009 with the aim to share our know-how and enable customers to advance their business through up-to-date IT solutions.  Our clients range from small businesses all the way to multinational corporations. Read more about our experiences under references.

International presence

Thanks to the fact that our team of experts is growing, our knowledge reaches across the borders of Czechia. In addition to our London and New York offices, we are proud of the valuable relationships we've established in notable European cities such as Munich, Dresden, Vienna, Utrecht, Bucharest or Budapest.

Secure approach

Our experts always follow strict security standards to provide reliable solutions and protect customers' data. We are more than pleased to share that in 2019, ETTEA Solutions have been awarded numerous ISO certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 I, SO 20000, and ISO 27000, which prove our devotion to delivering exceptional IT care.

Team of highly knowledgeable specialists

Investing in a platform that fully supports your business is extremely important and ETTEA Solutions know this. Our growing and skilful team operate collectively to arrange above the standard services.

Speed and efficiency

Functional digital devices, fast WiFi connection, and intact software are what every firm needs to maintain its productivity. We always fix problems and design solutions immediately and precisely to get clients back on track right away.

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